RHX Logo and slogan: Cultivate knowledge, achieve change


Who we are

RHX Group is a team of practitioners who seek to release the potential of information in business.

We have diverse business and IT experience. We provide fresh perspective, guidance and support for businesses on the path to better performance and productivity.

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Based in Melbourne, the RHX Group ethos and impact has grown from the successful track record of its founding partners, Robert Heslan and Helen Palmer.

Like many modern businesses RHX Group has evolved since it was founded in 2008.  Originally a blend of information, knowledge and change management services, in 2016 the change management part transformed to a new business entity, Questo.


Robert Heslan


Robert Heslan
‘Great solutions require significant thinking and planning before execution.’

An experienced business administrator and IT manager, Robert has worked for over 25 years in auditing, financial management, business intelligence, IT management and information systems.

Robert takes a holistic approach to operating a business, and is known for his pragmatic approach to developing and implementing business improvements. He has the in-depth technical knowledge that is vital for solving functional problems, and the vision to align improvements with strategic objectives.

He has worked with Business Manager Software, Gamma Computer Systems, NZ Inland Revenue Department and other small–medium enterprises in Australia and New Zealand.

Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer MIMS, BSc (Psychology)

‘Businesses could be high performing if they released the potential of their knowlege and information assets!’

With hands-on experience in information management and systems, Helen advises on practical ways to organise business information and knowledge.

Transforming thought to action and outcomes, Helen draws on insights for over 25 years in business analysis and design, strategic thinking and managing change in the information and knowledge domain. She has a talent for bridging the pesky divides between business-technology and strategic-practical; and is a passionate advocate for the ‘human factor’ in making change.

Helen has facilitated change and learning in many enterprises in Australia and New Zealand including Agriculture New Zealand, Ansett Australia, Asian Pacific Building Corporation, Bristol Myers-Squibs, HubMelbourne, Monash University, Oxford University Press, Plan Australia, Victorian Building Commission and Victorian Department of Parliamentary Services and Waite Group.  


We draw upon a network of people who share the values and ethos of RHX Group when our work requires complementary or additional expertise.

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